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snow day & embracing all of life right now.

When school is cancelled ON A Friday because there is a huge snow storm AND  your husband has already been gone for 4 days you might cry. Well, at I least I might did.  Y'all I was not feeling it.  I was feeling exhausted with winter, with keeping up with 4 kid's needs & schedules, and with all the pre-adoptive paperwork & meetings (which I am so grateful for but also a part time job right now). I was feeling pretty run down.

But friends, I tried to like winter: I rallied (& drank a double shot latte) and we danced, we created works of art, and then we went sledding (with 2 van fulls of kids).  These days of chubby hands & front tooth gaps are slipping away and yet at the same time I struggle with finding myself wishing them away some days.  I know my tendency as an ennegram 7 to live in the future but I want to practice being more present in the right now.  

This day was a good reminder for me that choosing to embrace the right now is a gift.  Sledding with f…

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