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Our story of adoption is beautiful AND it has been born out of brokenness.

Our story of adoption is beautiful AND it has been born out of deep loss & pain. Pieces of each of us have shattered, been remade & re-imagined, and are seeking and slowly but surely finding new pathways.  This is raw and unshiny. I have written and rewritten parts of this over and over again for months. I am trusting that there is catharsis & release in processing in the midst and there is grace from those who are on the journey with us; either in our day to day or from afar.  I also know that some may not understand all I feel because we are different and we are living different, messy, & beautiful stories. And that is ok. The older I get the more I realize I just cannot fully understand something I have not walked so I also have faith that you can receive my story even if it is not yours; that is part of holding one another as sacred.  I can only speak of my journey right now and looking back over the almost 3 years since a sweet and understandably terrified little …

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