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waiting on & waging peace this Advent

In Advent we wait.
And I suck at waiting.
In Advent, I am called to remember that waiting is not a meaningless void or a waste of time.  Maybe you need this reminder too.

There is hope in the waiting.
Hope that is not reliant on how we feel but on His truth, His promises, and His character.
There is longing in the waiting.
There is strength forged in the waiting that will point us to the source of the good and not so easily allow us to claim credit as the source.
There is lament in the waiting.
We mourn the ways in which pain and brokenness in ourselves and the world obscure our view for a time.
There is expectation in the waiting.
Though it can sometimes feels as though He tarries what is promised is breaking through. 
We see glimpses now. 

We I searched for synonyms of tarry I saw the word dwell.
To dwell feels like more purposeful to me.   I am choosing to dwell on what God has done and what He promises this Advent, to be watchful in my waiting.
"remember the things I have done …

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