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It really was EPIC: when kids & community make a difference!

As I told the kids during our sweaty but fabulous day at our annual Epic Lemonade Stand- "whenever you are tempted to think the world is a dumpster fire remember THIS." Seriously every year I am blown away by the kindness of people; strangers, neighbors, teachers, working folks, friends, family, & our BIG but small community!

The kids raised $293 for World Relief this year!  They broke their record from the last 4 years thanks to the generosity of you all! And Swapna and family were back (YAY!!!! it was just not the same without them last year) and Jamie & Dana hung most of the day and made it so much fun!
So many neighborhood and kids from the community came out to support the efforts and holla at cars and pour (and drink..ahem...) lemonade.  We had a postal worker, a big rig truck driver (that turned around and came back just to stop for lemonade), a police officer, a firefighter, FED EX drivers, tons of friends and family that drove FAR to come, and even a local t…

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