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40th Birthday!

We each only get 1 beautiful, messy, difficult, joyful, & precious life & TODAY I turn 40!!! It is funny that as I went through my day and announced my bday everywhere I went (I am SOOO THAT person bc sometimes you have to be extra.... and by sometimes I mean always) so many women said "oh no, 40!" or "just say you are forever 29" etc. and I replied with the same thing each time, "No WAY- I love that THIS is my life and I embrace 40!" I am a better version of myself at 40 then I was at 29- with of course so much room for growth & grace. I am not ruled by other's opinions of me & I am less afraid to take the risk or make a mistake becuase I know that is exactly where I learn and grow. I dance in the street with my husband and laugh WAY too loud because YOLO! I'm learning more about being vulnerable because everyone is struggling and struggling alongside one another helps us pick each other up on the tough days. Friends, let people …

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