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on being real sisters

Pulling up to our elementary school to pick up the girls last week and as I inched closer I noticed they were both in tears. They were standing with their hands intertwined and locked at their sides and clearly holding back the full out ugly cry. They loaded in the minivan and Evy immediately burst into full out sobs, " they were making fun of us and said 'you are not sisters.'" The other kids had clearly pointed out the first thing everyone notices about our family, our children have different skin colors and therefore; in their grade school logic and experience, could not be real sisters. 
My Mama heart was heavy. I know this is a thing.  I only understand the very beginnings of the journey this will be and all that is yet to unfold regarding race, privilege, power, identity, and culture.  It is overwhelming.  I know this will continue to be an issue. And we choose this. We knew it.  But it still doesn't make it easier. I find myself again and again feeling undo…

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