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Top tips to up your selfie game

Top tips to improve your selfie game.... JK. I bet you thought I was gonna talk about angles or some ring light contraption (that’s a thing right?!) but I got nothing.
✨or maybe I actually do.. instead of the self deprecating thoughts we choose to focus on I’m learning to embrace my chin(s) because it meant that I was laughing hysterically with these girls in the moment. These girls- one who came through an extremely difficult pregnancy overseas & one that was grafted into her family when she was already a young girl. Both whom I get the blessing of mothering.
✨ I can focus on the fact that these girls would rather be taking silly selfies & dancing with me in the kitchen then off doing something else.
✨I can focus on the sweat because I’m alive and able to walk to the park & be outside with dear friends.
✨ I can celebrate the lines on my face because it means I laugh and cry a lot and live a full life. What if what we really need is more just embracing our right now? learn…

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