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on broken escalators

I walk down this escalator every time we have court in courtroom H, which is very often. Or at least it feels often because my stomach is in knots and I feel physically sick every time I walk down to turn into the bleak waiting area outside our courtroom. Sure they put a few kid's books and a painted bench right outside the double doors with warnings that everyone (including myself) ignore about cell phone usage plastered across them, but a few colorful books that are missing pages does little to cause the stress of this place to fade. It is a war zone. People are fighting each other, their family, the system, their own addictions, lack of support systems, generations of racism and oppression, to name a few. It is a place of lack and not abundance.  It makes me so sick in part because I am often living in abundance- socially, physically, educationally, spiritually. And this reminds me that is not the story of this world and I am forced to reckon with all that means. I am forced t…

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