We are a little crazy but you are welcome here

We just said goodbye to our exchange student from Taiwan last night.  It made for a full house but also a great experience.  We shared Advent last night and exchanged gifts before she headed home and shared all that we loved about our few weeks together.  I am grateful that our kids can experience the richness of welcoming a student as family for a time.   Good stuff. 
 When Abishai has to be a funny guy when I am trying to set up the auto shutter :)
 Thanksgiving with friends this year- such a great day!

This year Chanel got to place the Crown of Thorns on the top of our tree- a much desired role each year for the kids.
Evy made her  a card for Bye for now gift bag & I absolutely LOVE "Thanks for handling all our crazy American stuff." It is definitely true y'all!! We crazy but you are welcome here!


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