first day of school vibes.

I got up early just to have time to capture these moments because 1.) EVERY year I never realize how fast time is flying until I compare last year's photos to this years and 2.) our kids will not look nice and put together again until next year's first day :) #truestory.  
OK, also real talk,  how is it I COULD NOT WAIT to drop the girls at school this morning & then while editing these pictures & I was tearing up because I COULD NOT WAIT to hear about their first day of school?! Oh, Motherhood you mess me up so much. 
1st, 3rd, & 7th grade vibes for the girls today.
 This kind & thoughtful girl started 7th grade today.  She was so excited to see her friends again and walked in with so much more confidence than last year.  Some days she looks like my baby faced first born & then some days I need someone to hold me because look at this grown up young lady!!!
 3rd grade for this sweet & spicy one.  She is upstairs and has a locker this year so it s BIG TIME y'all! She made a list of goals last night in bed and I love every single one. My favorite: "make new friends with kids I do not know yet."
 And this girl with a smile that lights up any room started 1st grade with her NEW LAST NAME & a new peace and confidence that she knows more about what the future holds. She is strong & resilient & loves space (see outfit AND backpack)! 
Alas, these people may have been close to boxing each other a few short days ago but this sweet moment of Abishai comforting Rayne as she walked into her classroom today has me feeling ALL THE FEELS. By the looks of facebook I am not the only Mama going through the first day of another school year feelings- love to all- we made it! And these teachers are SAINTS!!! (remind me to bring them all the lattes in a few weeks). May God go with these kids & remind them of who they are when they forget- dearly loved.
Happy back to school friends, 



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