The struggle gets real over soup

When I had one child I made her baby food and monitored what she ate at all times. Heck, I did not allow her refined sugar until after she was one.But I distinctly remember a day in horrible Chicago traffic when Abishai was only a few months old and was screaming. I told his sisters to try to amuse him. He stopped crying and we had a peaceful drive home. Once we got home and I reached back to get him out of his carseat I saw that his entire face was black and he had a big smile. I freaked out and asked Evy "what happened?" To which she quickly responded "we gave him an oreo we found on the floor." It was at that moment I think I realized my resistance was futile (and did I mention a quiet car ride home?). Some where between 2 and 3 kids I gave up this battle and the only 2 foods Abishai eats without a fight are 1. chicken nuggets & 2. lolipops. Mostly I am #overit and pick my battles but we do fight the good fight for dinner most nights and he even ate kale the other day!! (this video is a glimpse of that good fight and I CAN NOT stop laughing). We would like to dedicate this video to all the mamas & papas holding it down when the struggle gets real in #toddlerland #keepinitreal


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