5 a day challenge: day 4

Evy's first without Mama birthday party (although clearly I only buzzed off after snapping some pics of the pirates). My girl is so big!!

Anni and I went to visit Miss Bea from Belize. She is pretty amazing. She told us about her 9 children (3 of whom had passed away) and her many grandchildren (when I asked how many she said "girl, you don't even know!"). She refused to let Anni leave without giving her so many trinkets her arms (and our hearts) were full.

We spent the afternoon at Midsommarfest since it is basically in our back alley. Anni performed with her drama class and her Hip Hop class and we loved people watching and of course the busy festival!

Anni was working it out yo! This move is called the 6-step.

It is hard to describe how much I love this image....or these girls! I love this challenge because it is reminding me to capture the rich moments of every day.  And the everyday is good stuff y'all.
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