5 a day challenge: day 1

So a fabulous cyberspace friend put out the challenge to post 5 images a day for 5 days and I realized this is just what I need to grab my camera and document our crazy, mundane, exciting, ridiculous days. So here goes. I will probably be late in posting because, well, it is me y'all. But here goes......

my little man loves the swings!

Anni's last day of Dream Big meant a little performance of their rendition of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

reading night at Peirce school included a book swap table- bring some and take some.

there were also crafts! "this is you mama and you is holding Abishai and he is crying cuz he always do that"

we ended our night by zumba'ing our bootays off!

Join me on this challenge! Document your family now in the moments of your everyday. C'mon it will be fun,


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