the basement of the Alamo & other sights around San Antonio

We are enjoying our time in San Antonio. And by enjoying I mean it rocks: wearing sandals, little agenda, being outside all day, exploring, eating Mexican food everyday, and uninterrupted time with Jason.  I know right? We are staying right on the river walk and walked the length of it at least 4 times by now.
And we meandered over to the Alamo.
and there does now exist a short video of Jason asking a historian "can you show me where the basement is?"  We are so those people.
the art district.
ducking into small churches
and huge ones IMG_9206
and sitting with fellow pilgrims seeking Him in silence.
and being quiet, still, and taking it all in. This is my kind of getaway,


Unknown said…
You know, we want to retire in San Antonio. One of our favorite cities in the world!
misskatiez said…
your pictures are great! a friend of mine used to live in SA and raves about it all the time...i need to go

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