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Last time we were in Arizona a friend who heard I appreciate a good espresso whisked me to Cartel Coffee Lab and I was smitten.  It is super funky shop with a great vibe and even better coffee.  On our last trip I had to make a pit stop before leaving town so I went in and tried to pass for cool (hey, I wore my skinny jeans right?). But soon my kids were running around the joint completely cramping my style. Luckily everyone was so forgiving ; who knew the post-modern-apple-computer-toting-funky-punk crowd like to sing songs with little kids!  A little ditty about a Hippo was very popular while I waited for my coffee. I love when folks are kind to my kids. And I love that even more when I am sipping on a fabulous iced mocha.


Beck said…
Astute observation Rox. I find your generation to be very nice to kids. The even younger generation is extremely nice to kids and engaging. Soon the garden variety curmudgeon will be a thing of the past. Sniff, sniff. I knew too many of those. Hippie-on mama.
Sumatra Mama said…
This totally reminded me of the opening scene of Up All Night from just the other day, only with a happier ending (Christina Applegate's character slips with her espresso on the way out while trying to pull off the hipster mama thing). Worth a laugh if you can find it. Love all your posts and your pictures, your girls are perhaps the cutest and spunkiest I've ever seen.
misskatiez said…
that bike wheel wall is awesome!

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