My new boat-shelves!

A while back we acquired an old ngalawa (small fishing boat). J was helping a friend out who could no longer use it because shall we say...she was a bit UN-sea worthy. It was delivered to our house and became a playground of sorts for any watoto in the vicinity. We had big plans for the thing but months went by before J was able to carve out some time to work on it.
evy with helmet, ngalawa, vbs party, mika bday, zoo with paula 022.jpgedit
no did not feel neglected!
evy with helmet, ngalawa, vbs party, mika bday, zoo with paula 029.jpgedit
The work went in stages due to lack of tools, time, and frankly the heat!
Mwaka Kogwa 010.jpgedit
which turned out to be just fine with some children who rather enjoyed the little boat in our yard.
Mwaka Kogwa 028.jpgedit
Mwaka Kogwa 015.jpgedit
Iga..ufe...the name of our Kiswahili....Imitate die (she was built a bit too narrow apparently)
Mwaka Kogwa 016.jpgedit
my husband rocks!! And after much hard work....
ngalawa bookshelf.jpgedit
Pretty sweet right?
Of course we are now even more crazy in our Wazungu-ness then before since news of our boat shelves has traveled far and wide! But I love 'em!


Unknown said…
wow.. those are awesome!! good work, jas!
jkww said…
LOVE This!!! It's my dream to repurpose sort of nutty things into awesome nuttier things :) These are beautiful. Great job, J! Not only is he the Bomb Tumbler, but he's the Bomb Shelf Maker!
Doro said…
Great work J - hope to see them soon...
Bibi Ronnie said…
Really cool. Great job, J! Much nearer than my store bought boat shelf at the lake house.
Emily C said…
Those are awesome!
Gma Rho said…
Wow - these are very, very cool! Way to go, Jason!!
misskatiez said…
those are awesome!

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