Happy Bday to me...

Today is my Bday. That's right I am 32 today!
And since today...... it is pouring rain, I slipped and fell in the lake of mud outside our house and had to change clothes, we have no food in the house, no laundry soap to wash the mounds of dirty clothes and diapers, Anni fell and bloodied her knee and has been crying about said life altering injury for the last hour, I started teaching at 8:30am and then went to Anni's school to help plan the graduation, and will now head to a friend's house to help them with an application I will remember that this weekend I did have a great date to celebrate. Two of my favorite things: spicy Indian curry & my sexy, thoughtful husband. And even on the muddy, busy, tiring days I am blessed. Richly blessed and I am grateful! Happy Birthday to me!!


jamie said…
girl happy birthday to YOU!!!!

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