singing & dancing girls

So I have had these videos for-EVER but have not had internet long enough to upload but all that changed yesterday!
Miss Anni sings the Kiswahili equivalent to "99 bottles of beer on the wall" only it is only bottles. No beer people....forbidden. But one must understand for full enjoyment of this video that
chupa= bottle and chupi= undies

the girl does not appreciate us laughing for sure. I love that she whips out the booboo face and crossed arms in a matter of seconds.

And Miss Evy is quite the dancer. Anywhere, anytime, any music she hears...she....MUST! This is a string of videos but worship music to Lady Gaga the kid has got moves!


Bibi Ronnie said…
What a great way to start the day! I watched twice, and am still laughing. What is with the face? Reminds me of when Katy would copy your and Rob's dance moves for us. Evy is getting so big and her hair is coming in. Whenever I have a bad day, I'll wath this again and again. Too cute. Tell them Bibi loves it. Anni's face and arm crossing was hilarious too. Her moods change in seconds. She could be a great actress someday!
Gma Rho said…
Love LoVe LOVE the videos!! We Bibis need MORE of them!! Both girls' personalities really show up in the videos. Evy certainly keeps up with her big sister!
Christina said…
Totally made my morning! Love the dancing videos!!!
misskatiez said…
heehee thats fun! i love that evy squats to start dancing :)
Stan and Jess said…
I love that video and especially that I feel Evy and Cal could do a duet together cause that's what he does too! But I especially love her last dance in the diaper, with the little smirky funny face, he makes that one too every once in awhile and it cracks me up! Silly monkey babies! Toddlers rule.

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