more Wazungu up in here

we have had lots as of late. The folks from Chicago kicked off what ended up being the month of the Wazungu. We had Ginger and then two ladies from Texas who wanted to check out our island. And I am just now in my lonesomeness finally updating about our awesome visitors! It was busy but refreshing to have some 'Mericans around these parts for a few weeks. They visited with us, brought some American goodies (Asante!!), helped at Pamoja, blessed our girls, went to a wedding, checked out local food, prayed, hit the beaches, and hung out. I miss these ladies...ladies that I did not know before they set foot here. God is good in creating friendships wherever we are and I am excited to see what is next for them........Karibuni tena!!
us ladies out on the town
Wazungu dancing it up at the wedding! I love Evy peeking through.....
introducing Ginger to some local juice


Doro said…
Yes, it was really great to meet these wonderfull ladies! Hopefully we see each other again :-)

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