this guy..

..just surprised me with a night away with just us before we head back. Bibi Rho will watch the girls and we will talk without interruption, eat dinner late, sleep in, and do whatever we want!! Holla! I am a bit giddy. Plus, he is hot. Yeah for us time.
cousin time, bever park mall free day 060


Beck said…
Niiiiicely done, J! No wingman required. And, I've heard, she's a sure thing! Have fun kids. Snaps to Grandma Rho
Woot woot! Awesome. Seth and I just got back from our first date without the kids since Isaaq was born! Wahoo!
Kim said…
You're both hot;) have fun!
jamie said…
you are TOO Cute! love it! sorry we missed each other- be checkin your blog for updates! much love!

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