in case you were wondering...

martin with hair, pictures 015.jpgedit
Our Evy Warrior Princess is back to her sweet talkin', food stealin', screaming at her sister, opinionated, destruction lovin', cheesy smile givin' self.
martin with hair, pictures 016.jpgedit
And that makes this Mama so very grateful.


Gma Rho said…
Those pictures warm my heart! I would love to see/hear a video of her laughing!
Yay! We are continuing to pray for health for you guys.
Bibi Ronnie said…
So glad she can laugh again, poor baby. I too would love to hear her. Tried to Skype on Sunday, but no luck. Still have not gotten papers for adoption. They should send them again. Our address is wierd, and maybe they messed it up.
Joy said…
I WAS wondering! So glad she's back up and running!
Yeah!!! We're so glad! PTL!
Jorie said…
Wonderful news!! We love you all and we're so happy to see her smiling! :)

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