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A rainy morning meant a welcome quiet day at home for us girls (Anni goes back to school next week and our vocational school is closed this week in preparation for the big grand opening celebration next week). With all our free time we decided it was absolutely necessary to throw a tea party. First, there was the invitations, the attire, the pudding, the cookies, the juice, and the music to attend to. And then there was dressing, accessorizing, dancing, sipping, tasting, sharing, and giggling. Yep, we embrace our girly-ness around here.
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map & tea party 046.jpgedit
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map & tea party 056.jpgedit
we are still not sure who invited the naked party crasher?
Happy Tea Party!


Bibi Ronnie said…
They sure know how to throw a tea party. Has Paula given English tea party lessons? Poor Evy. No dress to wear? When she starts walking, watch out!! I didn't get my invitation. Did Evy pom for the Illini yesterday? Both team won.
jkww said…
Your photography is really getting great, Rox! Love these sweet photos, love the tea party :) True story: My childhood BFF and I would throw ourselves tea parties wellll into high school. Only we would pour 7Up into her parents' champagne flutes and make crescent rolls out of a tube and put jam on them like they were the most elegant food in the world! Good times. Tea Parties never get old.
Doro said…
This looks like lots of FUN. And Anni has the perfekt little-lady-smile like a princess in a movie :-)
Christina said…
Soooo cute! Looks like fun!
Stan and Jess said…
Naked girl is my favorite -never being a tea party kinda girl myself - but I do enjoy happy naked time with food. Love princess Anni, but that little Evy is gonna be my girl!
Oh my goodness, Anni's expression in that one picture is so precious! She looks so grown up!
Oh my goodness, Anni's expression in that one picture is so precious! She looks so grown up!

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