daily life

Last weekend I grabbed our camera as we headed out in town for some errands. I decided I need to document more daily life stuff (and it is an excuse to play with our camera since our small one died a slow death this week and I need to get used to our big one).
Evy stands, anni in her room 033.jpgedit
newspaper stand
Evy stands, anni in her room 034.jpgedit
need a crazy loud print couch?...buy 'em roadside!
Evy stands, anni in her room 029.jpgedit
picking out and bargaining for a pair of jelly shoes (ah, the memories it brings back...the jelly shoes, not the bargaining in Africa:)
Evy stands, anni in her room 039.jpgedit
EVERYTHING can be carried no matter the distance
Evy stands, anni in her room 040.jpgedit
Anni emerges from the duka...


Anonymous said…
You are getting really old! The only solace, it that I am much older, and I have just discovered jellies, while my kids are onto, neon light-flashers, called something really cool, that I will catch you up on a couple years from now! Love, Aunt Karen

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