a zoo....a real zoo!

zoo trip 179.jpgedit

A couple weeks back we explored a new zoo that was built while we were stateside. When we first arrived back we heard rumors about a zoo but I was not going to believe it until I actually saw it. Before our team leader's family left for Germany Anni, Evy, and me joined them and met some local friends there for a day at the zoo. It was awesome! It costs less than a dollar for the kids to get in and although not everything was finished yet we saw lots of animals, played at a park there, got faces painted, rode on a camel, made faces at the monkeys, jumped in a sweaty blow-up house, and even saw alligators eat (which was a bloodbath and a bit scary but also rather intriguing- the throw out raw chickens and then pour out water bottles full of cow blood everywhere-see video). We are so grateful to have another place to take the watoto here and since Anni LOVED it I see many return trips in our future.
zoo trip 191.jpgeditAnni gets even more sweaty
zoo trip 167.jpgedit Evy made friends too!
zoo trip 162.jpgedit riding the camel together
zoo trip 203.jpgedit checking out the zebra
zoo trip 183.jpgedit turtle rides
zoo trip 160.jpgedit 4 little monkeys....
zoo trip 159.jpgedit a clown, butterfly,cat, and princess
zoo trip 157.jpgedit my beautiful butterfly


Gma Rho said…
Looks pretty impressive. The face painting is great - love that butterfly!
Bibi Ronnie said…
Sure beats the Brookfield zoo! Camel ride looks so fun! Anni looks beautiful as a butterfly!
Paula said…
What is going on with Annelie's skirt?!?
Stan and Jess said…
I LOVE Anni's dress! Save it for me incase I ever get a girl! It just perfect!
Meghan Baird said…
I LOVE Anni's blue dress! I want one for myself!

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