team Easter celebration

To end our weekend of celebrating Easter we joined our team members for some worship, food, and an egg hunt on Monday. As always it is just a blessing to get to spend time with the people we live and work with here with the only goal being celebrate and relax. Much needed after a busy week. Here are some of our day in pics... Nasya shows off the baby ducks, they arrived just in time for Easter!
Annikah got to chose her outfit for the day and I knew what she would pick....this crazy frilly dress she got at her birthday party. It is satin and tons of layers...HOT! Not to mention the various adornments were falling off and leaving a trail where ever she went. But that did not seem to bother Anni who told us again and again "don't I look so pretty?"
I love a girl with great self esteem:)

Anni's enthusiasm for the dress outlasted the zipper which only lasted about 40 minutes

(which was about 39 minutes longer than I thought it would)

praising God together
the girls take Psalm 149:3 seriously, they danced for the whole time we sang
sweet girls
best friends
explaining the egg hunt
the watoto search and are victorious!


Meghan Baird said…
I busted out laughing when I saw Anni's dress! It looks scratchy. That girl's going to be a trend setter that's for sure!
sarah said…
my favorite thing about this (besides anni's dress, obviously) is the bag from target!

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