preparing for pasaka...part 1

Yesterday there was Easter egg dying at our house in preparation for pasaka..... start with eggs brought from your local duka (or neighbor who owns a kuku)
add friends

lots of concentration & expert advice
a few dyed fingers may be necessary
but it is worth it because dying eggs is fun!!
& maybe a little tiring during all the waiting for the perfect shade
but wow they turned out fabulous!!

princess crowns and all.....

Now, ready for hiding & seeking.
Then share with neighbors and friends.


jkww said…
beautiful! anni and the kiddos must be a lot more patient than i am. my eggs have NEVER made it past the pale pastel shade in the dye bath :)
Bibi Ronnie said…
Looks like they had fun. Love Miss Patience pic! I thought it came with Princess stickers too?
Jess said…
what kind of egg dye do you use? We can only get the brown eggs here, and can't seem to find dye strong enough to work...ugh! Send me some directions please...they looked great!
Gma Rho said…
I love the picture of Anni holding the green egg! Precious! Looks like you had lots of kiddos around that table - but then, you dyed a LOT of eggs!

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