When one new baby is up most of the night and specifically screaming from 3:30am until 5:15am one tired Mama needed a legal addictive beverage.
This was the sign at the Target Starbucks:

Seriously...Starbucks is out of coffee?

No sleep plus no caffeine makes me a very sad girl.


Christina said…
That is just crazy. How can a coffee place be out of coffee!?
Gma Rho said…
I hope everything is okay with Evy. Is she better today?? And I guess you'll need to brew your own Starbucks at home (in Jason's new coffee maker!!) It IS strange that Starbucks of all places would be out of coffee!!
Andy & Lindsey said…
Oh, that is really sad! I usually start my day with a cup on coffee...then only drink half of it...then I add a little more creamer and ice and make it an iced coffee...drink half of it and then add more ice later in the afternoon. That's the new normal around here! (plus a way to spread out the indulgence!)
Laura S said…
That is JUST WRONG!! I will bring some beans over to my folks place so you don't have to go without!

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