Adventures....Part 3

Last round of pics of my fab family visit...
the girls in the old part of town
eating out local style on the ocean front, fish, lobster, sesame bread, and chips (fries)
amazing craftsmanship on the doors here! showing Bibi & Katy around the local food market....walking through about 6 inches of water!
Annikah teaches Katy how we cook here (she also taught Bibi how to wash rice)
Katy gets henna done before heading home
Anni and her friends played on the swings, Anni had to show them all her rafikis
Anni always held Katy's arm in the sweet!

Anni tried to hide in Bibi's suitcase to go home with them!
I secrety wish we all could have fit, we miss you both so much!!


annalea said…
anni in the suitcase is too precious. i could imagine the temptation to all sneak in there. i am so glad they were there for you guys - especially now. you look sooo thin hon - i hope you are feeling better everyday. it has been good to read jason's updates to know what to pray for. your package is on its way this week! love you!
Auntie Katy said…
I love looking at these pics! Of course it also makes me miss you all :(
Bibi Ronnie said…
We miss all of you too, and wish I could have taken you all home,but not in the suitcase for the 39 hour trip from hell! I don't know how you'll make it back with two kids???? I love showing the pics tho, and glad I know where and how you live. :)

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