coming along

Since I have been a major slacker in posting updated pics of the progress on the school here are a few.....Lots of progress since last pictures and the rain has held off so far. We are hoping for a roof soon!

Annikah "helps" too! Mostly by joining me to bring chai.


Meghan Baird said…
Wow! The school is really progressing! I might be getting tips from y'all soon on the building and the curriculum of a vocational school.

So Miss A is amazing with her little duka. The girls were telling me that your lil one is quite the African.
I love that she charges YOU a white tax! I laughed out loud. I so wish I could see her!

About the wedding: that booty dancing shot reminds me of high school prom, except with more clothes. Haha! I love it!
Annie said…
Oh my gosh - it looks amazing - I can't believe how far you've come!! Congrats on all of the progress - miss you!

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