when did my baby get so big?

I know, I know. The predictable Mama nostalgia stuff but seriously, when? Here is her off to college.....errrr I mean preschool this morning.


Stan and Jess said…
Look at her and her little Keens! She is so big it happens so fast. Makes you want another one doesn't it?! ; )
Meghan Baird said…
I love Anni with her lil backpack! I also like the pic below of you giving her a kiss-- you both look so cute! The matching outfits are great! ...and the wii, how come I haven't ever played one but its hittin the streets of Tanz?!

...and one more thing: meat on a stick? Is this the same little girl that wouldn't eat anything at ABO and thought she'd perish?! What a change. Anni has really found her place!

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