rain & more rain...bring it on!

Rain is renewing. Rain allows the green to grow and nature to function. But here it also has a cleansing affect, sort of a do-over for the heavily used land. The dirt, grime, and dust is washed away, even if just for an hour. This weekend it was rainy. Usually when it rains here it rains on and off all day and in between the rain it is crazy hot and humid. So we usually look to be inside on those days as waslking calf deep in dirty rushing water through the market in between bouts of sweating is not my idea of a fabulous shopping outing (can you tell I have done it one too many times). Not so this weekend. The rain was torrential and lasted for hours cooling everything off quite a bit. I actually looked for a light long sleeve shirt and I had to search since I have not worn one since Kenya 4 months ago. We got stuck out in the rain but decided to make the most of it at Annikah's repeated suggestions of "please play in rain Mama, vua kubwa (big rain in Kiswahili)." Here is us playing and our Mlinzi; James working (he was washing the car...never waste anything so using the rain he washed the entire car). I love the rain. It was renewing.


Beck said…
While it rained there it snowed here! Both are GREAT! Hooray for a break in the tense humidity! The sky just had to cry
Bibi Ronnie said…
Just singing in the rain.....:) Very cute and cool for awhile. Still no package, huh? We're supposed to get more snow tomorrow.
misskatiez said…
i love anni's squeals!
here is one of my favorite shel silverstein poems...fits :)

Dancin' in the Rain
So what if it drizzles
And dribbles and drips?
I'll splash in the garden,
I'll dance on the roof.
Let it rain on my skin,
It can't get in --
I'm waterproof.
misskatiez said…
ooh and another quote i have as my screen saver :)

Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.
-langston hughes-

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