Apropos describes the above Matatu we saw careening through the streets of Nairobi. Many of the cars are named here and as I mentioned earlier many of the names seem completely random but this epithet seemed just right. It had; in fact, been a few scuffs as evident from the many nicks, scratches and the bashed in front end. Makes me feel so safe!

As an aside I love using words like apropos and epithet, makes me feel smarter than I am, like a more perspicacious version of myself. I could have a colossal colloquy on the many expressions I long to use in mundane convo's to demonstrate my superlative erudition. I realize most of this post is superfluous and nonsensical but humor me I have no trash TV to watch and I finished the only 2 books I have with me.
I dare you to use flabbergasted at least once tomorrow...just for fun...report back!


Meghan Baird said…
Please use the word "bamboozled" in a sentence tomorrow. As in "I was bamboozled when I paid 60 ksh for milk, when it is in fact only 35."
Lola said…
Dude! I'll use the word "flabbergasted" now with Joe to talk about Gavin's poopy diapers! How apropos.
Roxanne said…
Actually, that is perfect Meghan as I was bamboozled when I paid 50 ksh for ice cream at the park & then found out locals only pay 10 ksh!! I am a stupid Mzunga!!
Test said…
I came across your blog because one of the entries was posted on another site ... I am enjoying your stories and am planning to share some of your adventures at Taco Tuesday youth group tonight. Thanks for sharing your life!
Stan and Jess said…
I use flabbergasted daily... of course I also talk like I'm out of the 1950s as my co-workers point out with such catch phrases as coffee clatch, geewilikers, oops-a-daisy, dagnabit,and many more. PS - when I overpaid I always consoled myself thinking some family got a Christmas bonus early & I was bamboozled many a time.
Laura S said…
Rox, this post is very sesquipedalian. Definition is below (gotta love word of the day!)

sesquipedalian \ses-kwuh-puh-DAYL-yuhn\, adjective:
1. Given to or characterized by the use of long words.
2. Long and ponderous; having many syllables.

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