My kind of town....Chicago is Anni's kind of town

Today I was driving with Anni to the Target in Evanston to pick up a pair of pants for Africa in Jason's size (they did not have the right size at the Peterson store) and as I was driving I was narrating everything like I usually do to keep Anni amused and me sane. I so aptly described that we were "leaving Chicago and crossing into Evanston" when from the backseat a near perfect "Chicago" was uttered. I was amazed!! She kept repeating it all night at our prompting and because of the huge reaction she got. See for yourself.


Laura S said…
That is super impressive!! Now you got her to say Tanzania!
Bibi Ronnie said…
This kid should be doing comericials for the city. She is soooooooo smart!
misskatiez said…
heehee now just have her add cubs! to it :)

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