Mama gets an afternoon out & Papa and Anni frolic in the snow

Today I got an afternoon out with girlfriends sans bebe to see a silly chick flick (a much need respite) and Jason and Anni got to hang out. I was very impressed that when I returned he told me all about their snow adventures in the backyard. They built a snowman, went "sledding" (with Jason pulling Anni in our tiny backyard) , and Papa even taught her to eat snow (not my favorite new skill but at least they had some quality daddy daughter time).

*notice the plastic bags on Anni's shoes in lieu of boots as we gave back the ones we were borrowing , is there no end to our cheapness?


annalea said…
i love the plastic bags!
yeskids said…
I love getting to watch Anni grow up from a distance. Love you, Wanda

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