lovin' the leash

So add this to the list of things I said I would never do with my own child: put them on a "leash." A few years back I remember seeing Moms with their kids attached to little cords supposedly made less animal-like by being adorned with little bells, toys, and bright colors. I smugly though to myself: "how cruel, I would never do that. Children must be allowed to roam free and experience life."

I have now officially changed my position. My mom brought Anni this little monkey backpack/ kid leash a while back and recently Anni discovered it hanging in our entry way. I put it on her and she was hooked (bad pun, I know). She actually enjoys wearing it and I must say I appreciate it in a crowded grocery store. I am sure I have those who stare and think the same things I thought a few years ago but now that Miss Anni Joy walks (and by walk I mean runs!) everywhere asking her to sit in a cart for more than 1 minutes 30 seconds is akin to Chinese water torture. Of course I want Annikah to roam free just not in Whole Foods and not to pull down 20 boxes of pasta (like she did at Trader Joe's last week). I want to get in, get my overpriced organic butternut squash, and get out....is that so wrong?
No judgements. She does look stinkin' cute though!


Unity said…
Interesting how at times we have to eat our words--huh :-) I think she looks cute in the leash. Of course she is just cute period.
annalea said…
i completely agree - i could have used one of thsoe for luca between the ages 14-21 months - after that we were just home so much with gia.

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