a candle in guacamole.......

......what more could a birthday girl ask for? Since I am not really a sweet tooth kinda chick Beck knew to put my candle in some fresh and scrumptious guacamole, it is nice to be known! I had a fabulous birthday lunch with girlfriends Beck & Laura. They treated me at Bom Bon Cafe to some yummy Mexican food and even sang to me (a shameless attempt to get some free cake?). It worked! We finished it off with some Mexican lattes. Seriously, a lunch with gal pals and Mexican food: Fab! Thanks girls, I love ya! Happy Birthday to me!

*Jason also gave me a card "from Annikah" this morning with a promise of tickets to see Wicked!! It actually said "to Mama, a night without me. Love, Anni" Sounds great :)


jamie said…
happy birthday!!! i hope you had a wonderful day!

i love how you are like, five feet taller than everyone else in your picture :).

much love from jamie
Michelle said…
Happy (belated) Birthday!! Where have I been? I feel like I am sooo out of the loop...trying to catch up.

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