where exactly are the Kaverns of Krock?

I admit I have a little OCD when it comes to losing things. It is not so much the thing itself but the thought of not knowing where it is that keeps bugging me. So I am posting my sorrow in hopes of moving on with my life.
I have many socks and I am not particularly attached to any of them except one pair. They are these nice and fabulously comfortable running socks made in South Africa that I purchased for training. I wear them on every long run and we have gotten close, running buddies if you will. After my 20 mile run last Saturday I took them off and placed them in the laundry basket trusting they would be OK, protected, safe. I did the laundry the next day. While watching my TIVO'ed What Not to Wear and folding everything I realized to my horror that one on my socks was missing. I quickly raced to the basement and searched everywhere for the little guy. No luck, I even dumped the garbage cans near our communal laundry area out in a desperate attempt to rescue my friend. I must now admit he is gone, I have moved past denial and am now in grief. I am sure he will triumphantly return someday but for now his brother sits sadly on my dresser looking up at me every morning as I put on other mediocre running socks. I even faintly hear him call out "please, remember me?" This whole story got me to think about my favorite Dr. Seuss book Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are. In the book there is a page that reads, "And you're so lucky, so, so lucky you're not a left sock, left behind by mistake in the Kaverns of Krock!"
If you are out there, dear sock, it was not a mistake and you are missed! And if I knew where the Kaverns of Krock were located I would bravely form a rescue party and head out.


Roxanne said…
looks like i am not the only crazy person that bemoans their missing socks- check out http://lonely-socks.com/
annalea said…
you are funny
Nicole said…
Check the rubber rimming on the inside of the dryer by where the lint trap is. You may be surprised what you find there!

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