the pure joy of swinging (& kicking Papa)

I used to love swinging too. Recent attempts have left my butt sore from the "over-hang of bootay" (shall we call it) that does not seem to fit into the little seat. So, although my swinging days of pure joy are fading Annikah is just discovering how fantastic swinging is, especially when you get to "kick" Papa.

* I realize I have been posting a ton of videos lately so indulge me. As soon as Anni stops being so darn cute I will slow down. :)


Michelle said…
Heeeeeeeee! I love this video!! Anni is hilarious, and we don't mind her super cute videos ;-).
Bibi Ronnie said…
Her laugh makes me laugh! All pictures and videos are just tooooo cute!
Beck said…
wow! You should bottle her laughter and sell it to science. If they could incorporate it into a prozac, no one would ever be depressed. Such a wild child! Kissing, kicking, laughing her butt off! What a super chick!

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