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American Dream deferred

Anni the technophile

an excuse? I do not need one

something to which I took offense to but may be true

random sights, occurrences, & bizarre thoughts while running 12 miles along the lakefront

swimming & shopping with Grandma

my daughter is done nursing and other signs she is going off to college shortly

Joel & Silas come to town

FINALLY! She crawls...sort of..

who knew Annikah could draw?

Anni parties it up in the hood

Anni's first trip to the Shedd Aquarium

worst mama ever!

Anni wobbles but she does fall down

a fussy baby & a "BM in the pool": the story of my day

we have matching chairs...yeah, we are "those people"

24 hours without Anni Joy

4th of July

100th post and 100th trip to the lake

a measurable goal